Over Saturation

This week, we talk over saturation.    It is Auguest and Clearwater / Pinellas County already have hit an above average YEARLY rain fall.    Over saturation will cause plants to turn yellow and leaf loss.   After a few days of this heavy rain and the ground will dry out.   Make sure you turn you irrigation systems back on once the ground has dried out.


University of Florida IFAS Extension talks about the effects of Soil Saturation:

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Adequate soil drainage, or lack of adequate drainage (IE:soil saturation) is influenced by soil texture and soil structure. The presence of water, land slopes, impervious subsurface layers, and compacted soil surface can also affect drainage. After a rain and normal drainage, an ideal silt loam soil for growing trees would consist of 50% solid and 50% pore space Growth and maintenance of root systems require large quantities of oxygen for respiration. When oxygen content drops below 10%, root growth of most plants will be limited. In urban situations construction activities may have altered the native soil. Available pore space is greatly reduced in compacted soil.

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This week we are talking about rocks and stone and shell all great products for drainage and using as a decorative accent to your landscape.    Make sure you use a Weed Block with these products to prevent weed growth and also mixing the stone with the dirt.  RocksShellVideoStill


Lava Rock is porous and light weight.  Since it weights a lot less then other materials, it is very easy to work with.   Lava Rock helps to deflect heat from the soil.  It is more effective in retaining moisture most mulch products and will not rot, decay or fade.


River Stones or pea rock comes in many sizes and colors.   Sizes range from 3/8" up to 5", colors from white to brown.   Their smooth surfaces make it a great product for driveways, walkways, drains and general ground cover. 


Coquina Shell Early Florida construction product, if you have ever been to Saint Augustine you have seen it everywhere.   Its small size allows for great ground cover, walk ways or general landscaping.


Stone FlowerBedStone Tree bedBrown Gravel


Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 12.27.58 PMMulch

 This week's entry is on mulch.  There are a plethera of options available, some more funtional than others for certain applications.  A proper mulch bedding can prove to be a wonderous addition to gardens and flower beds.  In addition to weed control, mulches can cut down on water usage, provide protection for roots, and add a beautiful finish to outdoor projects.

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