7 tips for maintaining your lawn

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7 Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn:
1. Mowing——Be sure only to mow your lawn, at most, once a week. It is important to give your grass time to regenerate. This will aid in keeping your lawn full and healthy.
2. The One Third Rule——Only take up to one third of your grass' length when mowing.
3. Grass hieght——Especially in the warmer summer months, keep your lawn around 4"to 4 and 1/2". This allows the grass to retain moisture.
4. Keep your blades sharp——Keeping your blades sharp is essential to a healthy lawn. If you are mowing with dull blades, you are tearing rather than cutting your grass. Tearing wounds grass, leaving your lawn open to harmful fungi and diseases.
5. Mulch your clippings——Instead of bagging and tossing your clippings, get a mulcher and use your leftovers to refertilize your lawn.
6. Watering——DO NOT OVER WATER! In order to get healthy, strong roots which dig down into the earth, water less. Over watering will keep the roots near the surface, and open your lawn up to dangerous fungi.
7. Time of watering——Make sure to water early or during the day. Watering in the evening leaves your grass vulnerable. Putting your lawn to bed wet leads to fungi problems!

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